About us

Established in Milan in 1978, Antichi Pavimenti Italiani designs, constructs and lays a unique type of wooden flooring. We source our wood from disused historic buildings, such as abandoned churches and stately homes, where it has been laying, ignored, for years.

By incorporating such finely crafted items into our designs, our floors echo Italy's world-renowned reputation for fine art and artisanal excellence.

We breathe new life into these proud and noble materials; like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they can live once more...

When you walk on an API floor, you walk on history. Our floors quite literally capture the authentic Italian traditions of creativity, elegance and craftsmanship. But our floors are not only about the past. We apply the same dedication and skill to transforming these historic items into something both contemporary and new. Our floors reference both the past and the present simultaneously.

However, it's not just art for the sake of art – it goes much deeper than that. We want to challenge the traditional concepts of product and labour. From the specialized craftsman right up to the buyer, at each stage of the process we actively create opportunities for the personal addition of value. Whether it's the designer, who creates something unrepeatable, or the artisan, who expertly modifies - or even improves - a small piece of history, each puts a part of themselves into the work.

This is what makes our products truly unique.

Antichi Pavimenti Italiani has its roots embedded deep in the past, but its flowers are rare and refined examples of contemporary excellence.